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Instantly answer your visitors' questions with a custom chatbot
trained on your website content.

Totally automated, trained on your website

Allow your customers to get instant answers based on your website, files, FAQ and more.

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Your Own AI Chatbot

Create your own AI Chatbot
in just a few minutes

No more manually setting up FAQs
just enter your website URL and let the AI do the rest

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Customize the design

Change everything in the design to fit your needs.

  • Choose the color
  • Modify the size
  • Change the icons
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Change the AI behaviour

Change the AI personality, when to elevate the conversation to human support, and what details to collect from the user.

  • Choose a name
  • Assign it a role
  • Select its attitude
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Monitor the conversations

Monitor the conversations to evaluate the AI's performance and intervene if necessary.

  • View the chat history
  • Take over conversations
  • Modify the AI's answers

Enter your website's address

GPThelp will automatically fetch all the pages on your website.

Start Training

GPThelp will train your AI chatbot on your website content.


You now have your own AI chatbot that can answer anything related to your website content.

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